About This Site

Published:August 13, 2019

This site is a place that I can publish side projects, articles and videos.

My goal is to create this site out in the open, warts and all. As I make improvements or work on side projects, I would like to record videos or live stream my progress. As I work toward that goal, you can see my progress in the source repository here.

The site is being built using eleventy a static site generator. It is stored in a repository on github and is automatically pushed to its current hosting platform at Netlify on check-in. You can watch some of my early learning about eleventy here.

I have roughed out the styling and layout as I add new sections and features. Once I am done with the features that I know I want, I will focus more on polishing up the styling and making sure it looks good for all resolutions.

Below is my todo list in no particular order. If you have ideas or critiques, send them to me and I will add to my list.